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Feb. 2, 2021

Damian Browne: Rowing The Atlantic Solo. How To Overcome The Battle Between Mind And Body

Damian Browne: Rowing The Atlantic Solo. How To Overcome The Battle Between Mind And Body

I have another special episode lined up for you this week on The Rut; the podcast which delves into the minds of men from all walks of life to try and answer the burning questions about men’s mental health. 

Some of you might know Damian Browne as a hard hitting Irish rugby player who spent his career playing for Connacht, Leinster, Northampton Saints, Brive and Oyonnax. After retiring from rugby, Damian wanted to explore what he felt real living was about. How can he live a life which was so close to the core of one’s true earth existence? Subsequently, Damian has run the marathon des sables, rowed the Atlantic solo taking him 63 days, 6 hours and 25 minutes. 

He has dedicated his life to exploring the ends of the earth, exploring what it feels to truly live life on the edge of one’s existence and how you can find true happiness, contentment and connection to the soul through being at one with the earth. 

Damian has an absolutely epic podcast called Deep Roots which, episode by episode, documents his unbelievable 63 days at sea rowing the Atlantic solo. His next challenge, which I think is probably his toughest one yet is rowing the Atlantic with a friend who was never meant to walk again after a huge accident leaving him almost paralysed. They want to row the Atlantic together but doing so on the toughest rowing pathway possible- venturing southerly, competing against the brutal south Atlantic tides and swells. The true test of mind to body existence. 

I will put all the links to Damian’s website, instagram page, podcast and more in the show notes below so explore away. He is a world class operator!

This podcast explores Damian’s epic mindset and how you can overcome any challenge put in front of you. It’s fucking powerful. 

So, Damian, welcome to The Rut. As always, please leave all judgement at the door.

Damian's website is here

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