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Dec. 20, 2020

Denny Solomona, Sale Sharks and England: The Full Story of Drugs, Alcohol, Rugby and Recovery

Denny Solomona, Sale Sharks and England: The Full Story of Drugs, Alcohol, Rugby and Recovery

Hello everyone and welcome to The Rut, the podcast which delves into the minds of men from all walks of life to try and find answers to some of the burning questions in and around men’s mental health.

A couple of months ago, this guy sat down with the Daily Mail and spoke about some of the battles he’s faced as a rugby player and as a person with his mental health. Well, we’re going even deeper this week than that article, where Denny Solomona tells his story in his own words, for the next hour and a half. 

Denny has played both rugby league and rugby union, scoring the most tries in a single season in history for Castleford in 2015-2016 with 40. 40 tries in a single season. Mind-blowing. 

He then controversially moved to Sale Sharks in rugby Union, where he has played 88 times scoring 46 times. He’s won 5 England Caps. 

Parts of his story have been made public however we dive deep into a life of prolific try scoring, drugs, alcohol abuse and intense mental health battles, and explore how he has got out of his ruts. 

So, Denny Solomona, welcome to The Rut. If you’re listening to this, please leave all judgment at the door. 

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