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Feb. 16, 2021

George Mycock, Founder MyoMinds: How Eating Disorders Destroyed My Life

George Mycock, Founder MyoMinds: How Eating Disorders Destroyed My Life

Episode 16… the journey continues and my word do we have one hell of a listen for you today… Welcome to The Rut, the podcast which delves into the minds of men from all walks of life to find answer to the burning questions around the mirky world of men’s mental health. 

This week, I’m joined by someone many of you won’t know, some of you might, but most of you won’t. However, this guy has a phenomenal story which is all centred around how an eating disorder almost destroyed his life. 

George Mycock is founder of MyoMinds, a mental health platform which exposes the stories and harsh realities of mental health, much like this podcast actually. George also educates people on the brutal realities of eating disorders and body dysmorphia, something which is hugely common in men, yet rarely spoken about. 

George broke his neck playing rugby when he was 13 and subsequently gained almost 8 stone because of his injury. He then developed an obsessive exercise disorder and bulimia, and at one stage, was eating only an apple and half a banana a day whilst exercising compulsively for several hours. All at the age of 15. His eating disorder completely took over his life. He continued to struggle with his relationship with food and exercise throughout his late teens and it came to a very ugly head at uni, where everything became too much again…

This is episode is absolutely incredible. We really dig deep into the psychology behind eating disorders in men, body dysmorphia and understand how George REGAINED CONTROL of his eating disorder. 

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder right now or food or exercise is taking over your life and you’re finding it difficult to cope, I’ll attach links in the show notes below of places you can find the support you need and provide links to George and MyoMinds so you can get in touch. 

So, George Mycock, Welcome to The Rut. Please Leave all judgment at the door.

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