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Jan. 12, 2021

Oliver Kamm, Leader Writer and Columnist, The Times: Mending The Mind- Exploring The Science Behind My Clinical Depression

Oliver Kamm, Leader Writer and Columnist, The Times: Mending The Mind- Exploring The Science Behind My Clinical Depression

And welcome back, a very happy New Year to each and everyone of the hundreds of you who are listening to this podcast now. I mean, 2021 kicked off with a monstrous bang and it’s increasingly looking like a rocky ride up ahead too. 

And on that note, I wanted to start this episode with a plea. If you are struggling with anything at all right now, do not suffer in silence. You will not be a burden. You’re not an idiot for feeling this way, and, you’re most certainly not alone. The hardest part about struggling is accepting you’re struggling and reaching out for help. There is support for you. There is help. And there is light at the end of the tunnel. It will pass. 

We have huge numbers of people who listen regularly who are just interested in mental health and want to understand people’s minds better. So, here’s another plea to you directly. To those who don’t struggle but want to help. Let’s rally round in this time of crisis and reach out to your friends. Check in on your men… ask them how they are but importantly, don’t just leave it there. Ask them how they are mentally? A simple ‘how are you mentally?’ Is a great way to get onto the subject.

My next guest has just released and absolutely brilliant book on his battle with clinical depression called Mending the Mind: The Art and Science of Treating Clinical Depression. He is an absolutely brilliant columnist and leader writer for The Times, previously working at the Bank of England and in Private Equity. He seemingly overnight went from a fully functioning, working member of society to a complete depressive mess, tells his story, on this podcast and we explore the fascinating routes he took to understanding and treating clinical depression. 

Welcome to The Rut, Oliver Kamm. As always, please leave all judgement at the door.


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