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Great podcast with some really inspirational stories.

This podcast is really amazing - the stories shared are always really raw and honest and includes people from all walks of life. Definitely worth a listen

Love the podcast!

A fantastic lineup of guests and great conversation makes this podcast the perfect companion for a long drive

Safe spaces šŸ’™

Managed to catch up on the final episodes Iā€™d missed last night and as always I felt a sense of relief and calmness once I had. Feels humbling to listen to what men struggle with and how they finally feel they have an platform to open up on free from judgement. Always feel quite emotional at the end.

Unbelievably honest and surprisingly heartwarming

This is a podcast that has been a long time coming - so refreshingly honest and open. A really incredible story and conversations. And more than anything a lot of practical insights for supporting those we love. The episode with Abi is truly touching and heartwarming. Thank you James - please keep doing this!

Authentic, honest and powerful

Ep 1 was unbelievable, great to hear Alex open up and recount a tough story but equally amazing to understand his path through it. Truly powerful stuff and a great format!

Open and Honest Insight

Really enjoyed listen to the first episode. Hugely insightful and honest chat between both parties and really look forward to the next. The rollercoaster Alex went through takes you through so may ranges of emotion. The development of self awareness and resilience shows that being open and starting a dialogue with the right help, anyone can put that first foot forward in the right direction.

Hard-hitting and honest - love it!

Really enjoyed this. Brutal detail but great to hear how Alex has pulled himself out of a very dark place. Subscribing now!